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Thanks for checking out my wardrobe post! To start, here's my last three wardrobe posts so you can see progression:
Year I
Year II
(I skipped last year)
Year III

I skipped last year since my wardrobe hadn't changed much since I was saving up to go to Japan. This past spring I went and mostly bought casual clothes, but after that trip, it seemed like everything I ever wanted decided to pop up on mbok. I went and bolded every item I bought this year for fun (12 dresses!). I skipped photos on a few things like headphones, scarves, and miscellaneous accessories since those haven't changed much in the past years so you can see them in my last post if you'd like. I've been trying to compress my wardrobe in to stuff I only use and expand my casual lolita collection. I have a few AP mini skirts, but didn't feel compelled to post those and shirts and such. Apologies for the less than perfect photos. The sun is difficult this time of year and there are just too many photos to adjust them all.

I keep tights and headphones and things in the Swimmer drawers.

Muh battle station.

Cute little mouse I found in Japan.

Riddle me this: Why do my pictures appear to be completely crooked while they are parallel with my ceiling?
My guess is because my floor is even less level then I previously thought.

My little DIY project I made from an Ikea frame. I won't be pulling all of my accessories down for a photo. All the dangling stars are 6% Dokidoki.

A little project I did when I was sick one year.


Angelic Pretty Milky Planet
I love love love MP. The scalloping on the first release is one really makes it. In an attempt to cut down my closet, I'll most likely be selling the blue version this year T-T

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse, Sugary Carnival, and Fantastic Carnival
DD is an OTT dress I really enjoy wearing casually because of all the ways I'm able to coordinate it. Sugary Carnival is one of those nostalgia dresses I would never pay full price for, and only wanted in one cut/color/release, so finding it under all of those conditions was pretty fab. FC is my new favorite pastel dress. It's just so detailed and has the cutest animals on it. I'm thinking of grabbing it in mint eventually, but I should probably hold back.

Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny and Chess Emblem
Both my first and my most recent print. CE is probably one of my new favorites largely because I love chess prints, and also the design is just perfect.

Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater and Fantasy Theater
FT being the new SNT? Not at all. SNT is the only dress I have that I can easily coord with black. I've thought of selling before, but having a black/red card dress seems like a staple to have around. FT is super fun because there's so many ways to coord. At the bottom of this post I have two, but there's still the option of bringing out more of the gold with accessories.

Angelic Pretty Marine Dream and Dream Sky
Dream Sky I scored at a Anime Revolution after the fashion show. I stalked the booth for around an hour before I had to leave to grab lunch with friends. When I came back there was a girl trying it on and I was crushed. After another lap around the dealer's hall I saw her about to put it back on the rack. I made a beeline for it and grabbed it not 2 seconds after her hand let go. I fell in love while trying it on and managed to save $100 because of a tiny snag (that I fixed later). Kind of awesome. MD is a similar story. I went back AR this year for the AP tea party. While I had a great time (mostly from the girls I met there), the AP portion of that con was quite the mess for several reasons. One of the biggest issues was having mine, and other's on-hold items get sold from under us. I was able to sign up for first dibs on this dress, and I completely lucked out with it being brought in later as a sample. However I was horribly nervous about this being sold from under me as well since I couldn't pick it up until after the tea party on the last day right before I drove out. In the end though I was able to walk out with it and the bow that day.

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate
Just one of those prints that's completely me. Every time I say I should sell one, I can never pick one to let go.

Angelic Pretty Musee de Chocolat and Wonder Party
Both dresses I had been casually looking for that finally popped up in the price point I was looking for.

Angelic Pretty Royal Melty Creamy Chocolate (or something) in brown and bitter
A couple more casual dresses I like to have around.

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival and Dramatic Rose
It might be time to part with TC. I'm looking at getting a different DR cut/color to better match my floral hat.

Themugence wearing classic??? They're mostly used for casual wear with some brown boots and no petti.

IW and ETC


Bodyline and ETC
I'm not sure I care for the Bodyline dress, sailor isn't my thing, but it seems useful to have around.


Angelic Pretty
The red bow blouse is actually a new one to replace my old one because I had worn it out. Was so happy to find it at Closet Child.

Shirley Deer and Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty and Pumpkin Cat

Angelic Pretty

Dear Celine and Angelic Pretty

Dear Celine and Pumpkin Cat

Angelic Pretty

Innocent World

ETC and IW

Cardigans and Parkas

Angelic Pretty
blue cardi

Angelic Pretty
Wizard parka

Angelic Pretty
Melty cardi

Angelic Pretty and thrift find.

Emily Temple Cute


Chess Story and Shirley Deer

Angelic Pretty and Shirley Deer (bunny coat)

Sock Drawers


I managed to decrease my sock collection, but I should probably still cut it down a bit.


Top row: First six I bought in Japan, Next three are Taobao
Mid row: First six are Angelic Pretty, Next three are Taobao
Bottom row:Taobao, Swimmer, and Japan


Tea parties. All are Secret Shop except the light pink and brown.

The non-tea parties. The brown boots (Urban Outfitters) I like to wear with my floral IW dresses, and the light-up glitter unicorn shoes (Irregular Choice) are mostly for cons and casual lolita. The other two are Secret Shop and Antaina.


Starting at too left: Cat, BtSSB, Swimmer, Evillive, Sanrio, Swimmer, AP, BtSSB, AP, AP, AP, AP, Taobao, Sanrio, AP, AP, AP, AP.
I seriously lucked out by getting the biscuit purse release while I was in Japan. I found out the dark brown/gold one was a Harajuku exclusive. I already had a shoulder bag, but I've worn it so much it's literally falling apart.


Headbow Drawer

Head wear

Decorating my berets is a future project. The top one is from Taobao and is pretty darn awesome.
The wine hat is from Corgi Corgi.

Almost forgot the hat! My friend made this for me for a Secret Santa last year. She'll be opening up a shop soon. You can keep a look-out here: http://joan-rose.tumblr.com


AP, AP, AP, ETC, Handmade, ETC, Indie

Handmade, AP, CalM, Q-Pot, CalM, Q-Pot

Handmade, handmade, AP, AP, CalM
AP, AP, AP ,AP, AP, CalM

AP, AP, AP, Creamy a la Mode

All AP

Glasses case is Chantilly. Bows, shell, and pony is Swimmer. Hearts, and stars are Creamy a la Mode.

Top row: All Swimmer
Mid row: AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, ETC, Swimmer
Bottom row: All AP


All are AP except the strawberry, and the mint/pink cuffs. Those are handmade by me.


Sample Co-ords:
Here's a few outfits I put together to show.

And a bonus pic of all my chocolate items:

Thanks for looking, (hopefully) see you next year!



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